The Lazarus Order of the 770 (LO 770, 770) is by no means a new alliance, but sometimes everyone needs to take a break once in a while. In the spirit of friendship and guidance, we acknowledge that things are easier to face through with friends by our side, rather than all alone. In accordance, The Brotherhood Family (BF) and LO 770 agree to enter into the following, non-chaining treaty of protection.


  1. Both parties agree to act in good faith towards one-another.

  2. Neither party shall engage in any action or activity which would demonstrably prove detrimental to the other.


IIa. Defence

  1. Brotherhood Family agrees to protect LO 770. Any act, military or otherwise, taken by a third party against 770 and its members will be regarded as an attack upon BF.

  2. Brotherhood Family reserves the right to ask for any assistance deemed necessary, however BF will only do so as a last resort.

  3. 770 reserves the right to act in defence of BF, but is not obligated to do so.

IIb. Offence

  1. LO 770’s military affairs are to be handled jointly by both parties.

  2. 770 may not declare an offensive war against a third party alliance without BF’s prior approval. BF cannot declare war on behalf of 770.

  3. 770 reserves the right to engage in raids against third party nations, as long as they follow the raiding criteria agreed with BF.

IIc. Intelligence

  1. Both parties agree to share any intelligence which has direct bearing upon either signatory to this agreement.

  2. Any intelligence shared between the parties is not to be disclosed to third parties without the prior agreement of both LO 770 and Brotherhood Family.


  1. Brotherhood Family agrees to assist LO 770 in regards to any material needs that may arise as a consequence of self-defence, and in the repairing of any damage thus sustained.

  2. Any provision required for non-war related aid will be discussed and evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


  1. LO 770 will keep the Brotherhood Family informed of all significant internal developments.

  2. BF agrees to share any tools, skills or insights that may be required.

  3. Should BF deem it necessary, and pursuant to 770’s approval, BF is empowered to take direct control of 770’s Internal Affairs until such time as both parties agree the situation is resolved.


  1. LO 770 reserves the right to engage in diplomatic contact with third party alliances.

  2. 770 may not enter into any MDP or Bloc-level treaty without prior approval from BF.


  1. Any amendments to the terms of this treaty requires approval from both parties.


  1. Should either party wish to withdraw from their obligations under this treaty they are required to provide a full week’s notice in advance.

LAZARUS ORDER of the 770

20 DECEMBER 2064
Austin, Texas
(9 June 2020)

The Rev. Arch Greene;
First Priest of the Order and Leader of the Texas Congregation

The Rev. Arch Lord Tredegar;
Second Priest of the Order and Leader of the Gwynllwg Congregation

The Rev. Arch HippyRudeGirl;
Third Priest of the Order and Leader of the Rainbow Valley Congregation

Brotherhood Family

20 DECEMBER 2064
London, UK & Naval Alliances
(9 June 2020)

Duncan, President of the Brotherhood Family

Bunchesnbunches, Prime Minister of the Brotherhood Family

HymMing, Foreign Affairs Head of the Brotherhood Family